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Being fair and sticking firmly to facts is one of the main criteria when delivering news. It applies even to sports, where different fan-based biases often distort reality. If you are on the look for online sports medium matching the highest standards for impartiality and objectivity, here is the right site to be. We operate daily, covering all major sports events and relying on experienced professionals and zealous enthusiasts who share our passion for sports. And it's more than news. Sports fans will find detailed statistics and comprehensive analyses of the top games. If you are looking for the hottest sportsbooks odds, once again, here is the right place.

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Sportmedia is a reputable source of the most current sports news. Our professional team is strong because we have experienced journalists and writers on board who cover all significant events inside and outside the country. Do you want to know who is injured or sanctioned for the soccer game you follow? What are the top deals of the day or the week? You will have it, and it's only some of it on this website.

Our readers will find news about recent games - not only the result but also how they came to be and what are the reasons for the outcome. Analysts in our team will make you feel like being pitch-side even when you are thousands of miles away from the stadium or the arena. We cover the major games with live commentary and, in some cases, deliver video highlights of the top moments.

Soccer tips and statistics

Part of crew is dedicated to one thing - soccer tips. Our tipsters aim to analyze the upcoming fixtures thoroughly and share their opinion about outcomes with a fair chance of winning. You need essential information to make up your mind about whether to place a bet:

Keep in mind that our tipsters are not able to promise you 100 percent success. Be careful to trust anyone who pretends to bring guaranteed winnings. In a sports game, the events can always go out of hand and lead to a negative outcome from the perspective of the bet that was made.

What you find here is not false promises but soccer tips for free. You can read some of the expert's opinions and decide whether to go after it or not. Our tipsters come up with various ideas for every game, so you can pick the ones that suit your way of seeing the game. It's more than making predictions only on the game's outcome, who will win, or whether there will be a draw. There might be better ideas than going for such a bet. Instead, in our tips, you will find plenty of alternatives:

So, you give a choice to pick the outcome with a greater chance of success. On top of that, there are options to find the odds you are looking for. Every player follows their own pattern of betting. Some prefer bold actions and go for the high handicaps and exact scores. Others tend to stick with low-risk predictions. Our tips are based on the most recent information and mathematical patterns based on results and statistics. Calculations made by special software programs give hints derived from the last games of the teams involved. Don't follow such math predictions blindly; they do not consider which players are injured or suspended, whether there has been a managerial change in one of the clubs, which team had more time to rest, and other criteria.

What kind of statistics do you find at

If you don't agree with some of our predictions, there is still a way to benefit from our services. You can make your combinations by using our vast section of soccer statistics. Regardless of the game you choose, you will always find detailed information, like the last five results of the teams involved. These stats take into account not only the respective league but all leagues and tournaments the teams are engaged in.

We also focus on the leading scorers of both teams. It is always helpful to know which players score the most and which deliver the assists. You can find these statistics for all the games. If the last five games' details are not enough, check out the percentage of wins, draws, and defeats for the 30 games prior to the respective fixture.

Here comes the most intriguing feature - head-to-head games. We show the recent results between the two teams as well as other essential information such as:

This data concerns the games between both teams involved. It applies to home and away games.

Odds provided by the leading sportsbooks

So, you've read the prediction or come to your own conclusions. What's next? Placing a bet, of course. And as far as a significant part of sports fans are also devoted punters, we at show you the top odds provided by various Bulgarian sports books.

We focus on several different markets, but you can set your own filters according to your point of view. On our website, you will find specially selected odds, the highest for the respective markets. It gives you a chance to consider where is the place to make the most of the potential winnings.

What are the odds you can find:

You can choose any of them and grab the opportunity on the spot.

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We know that many of you love not only soccer but other sports. We have something for you. Our experts have insights into basketball, tennis, motorsports, and others. We have special units in our team dedicated to the sports you are looking for. We cover the following: